About Agro Support Analytics

The project aims to resolve the problem of support and advice for farmers in the current manual system by developing a Complaint Management and Decision Support System (CMDSS). The proposed work focuses on research and development into the field of knowledge discovery, through information extraction (IE) and analytics techniques applied on historical Arabic textual complaints data.  The online system will be used to provide adequate and timely advice for farmers upon their enquires / complaints, and also to foresee near future development of circumstances by the experts. 


Project Objectives


Provide comprehensive assessment, in first 4 months, of current complaints-support system and quantify the gap with farmers’ needs for support in relation to its reach, timeliness and content relevance


Maximise the availability, adequacy and effectiveness of consistent and timely support to agricultural associations of farmers in about 40K villages in the country.

Cloud Platform

Design and deploy a private cloud platform to host a centralised complaint-support database on the targeted crops, including their distribution, common pests, irrigation patterns, weather data and fertilizers used.

Agricultural DSS

Layout and initiate a hub for research and development into agricultural DSS by planning and running 4 workshops throughout the course of the project.

Toolkit for Analytics

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Project Highlights

The Agro Support Analytics project, aims to resolve the problem of support and advice for farmers in current manual system by developing an automated complaint management and decision support system. It will be based on the application of knowledge discovery and analytics on agricultural data and farmers’ complaints, deployed on a Cloud platform.