Ministries of Environment, Agriculture sign two afforestation protocols with Qalyubia governorate

The Ministries of Environment, Agriculture and Land Reclamation, and Qalyubia governorate signed on Sunday two protocols of cooperation. The first protocol is intended for the afforestation of the streets of both Al-Khanka and Abu Zaabal, while the second is meant to supply trees to the Environment Ministry’s nursery in New Cairo, their building in Maadi, and  the Cairo House educational cultural centre.

Minister of Environment Yasmine Fouad said in a statement that the signing of these protocols comes within the framework of close and joint cooperation between state institutions to protect the environment and the measures necessary to achieve the goals of sustainable development.

This also will allow the increase of per capita green space and reduce pollution, especially in industrial cities, the statement reads, explaining that trees play a vital role in reducing air pollutants, improve the aesthetic appearance, and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

Fouad clarified that the first protocol includes planting and afforesting Khanka and Abu Zaabal with 4000 Alix-Netida, Delonix regia, Ficus Benjamina, Yellow elder trees. She said that her ministry is setting an annual programme to plant trees in an industrial city to reduce air pollution levels.

The Minister also pointed out that the criteria for determining the types and sizes of trees used in afforestation include low water needs, ease of care , resistance to climatic conditions, and the ability of these trees to absorb the largest amount of pollutants and suspended soil.